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The Holiday Hunter - Australia’s Premier Tourist Directory

Plan Your Next Great Australian Holiday, Day Trip or Adventure from the Mountains to the Sea with us

Australia is a land of awe inspiring beauty. Of timeless wonders. Of scenes so rich, it will stir emotions.

Watch the dolphins and whales play along the rich and magnificent coastline.

Listen to the beautiful songs from the native birds in the lush tropical rainforests or the unique eucalypt bush.

Meet animals found no where else on earth.

Explore the rugged and lively centre of red desert or the many towns full of character and charm.

Whether you like to surf, water ski, snow ski, play golf, go caving, climb mountains or dive deep under the ocean,

Australia has all this and much much more.

Let ‘The Holiday Hunter’ help you to ‘Discover Australia -  One town at a time’. ‘The Holiday Hunter -  Australia’s Premier Tourist Directory’

So many exciting places to explore...So many great adventures…So many wonderful memories… When you next Holiday in Australia.

Over 520 towns, national parks, historic towns, historic sites and other locations to explore.

Over 4040 pages jammed packed with information on Australia and its great destinations.

‘The Holiday Hunter’ is ‘Australia’s Premier Tourist Directory’ for when you plan your next holiday, day trip or adventure.

Last updated: 08 February 2017 - More destinations added

Above photos by Scott Westlake Photography and Alluring Light Images

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